Digital human resource management service organixation

Service Features

Targeted Headhunting

To provide enterprises with human resources, administration, management, marketing and other high-end talent search services.

Talent Cultivation

To provide enterprises with internal training, development, professional qualifications and other staff training.

HR Management Consulting

To provide enterprises with organizational structure adjustment, compensation design, performance reform and other human resource management consulting services.


Professional personnel, comprehensive consultation.
The consulting team consists of more than 20 industry experts with over 10 working years and extensive practical experience.
Tailor-made, Exclusive solutions.

In depth research, tailor solutions for enterprises, and organize professional team to implement. 

Characteristic service, win-win cooperation.

Characteristic comprehensive service  takes customer's success as its own success to achiveve win-win cooperation.

Landing implementation, quality assurance.

Floor-type implementation, one to one service, Complete service delivery.

Products and services 



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